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Aromaaz International Shares Information on Therapeutic Blends provides information on the different HACCP, WHO and GMO-certified therapeutic blends along with its application.

<p>One of the globally acclaimed manufacturers, distributor, and exporter of the therapeutic massage oils is Aromaaz International. They have emerged as the market leaders for their high-quality products manufactured adopting stern quality measures.</p> <p>The company ensures that all their herbal products are compliant with the global standard and thus carry out different tests such as gas chromatography test, analysis certification test, MSDS analysis test to ensure the purity, potency, and efficacy of their products are intact. While talking about certification, the spokesperson confirmed, “Aromaaz International is an ISO-certified company that is compliant with the GMP standards. To maintain high-quality of our herbal formulations, we acquire our raw materials from only the certified vendors”.</p> <p>He elaborated, “Aromaaz international provides an exhaustive range of herbal products which includes certified organic oils, flower oils, hydrosols, essential oils, exotic oil dilutions, spice oils, <a href="" target="_blank">therapeutic massage blends</a>, and floral absolute oils”.</p> <p>He added, “Companies prepare the therapeutic blends after selecting each and every ingredient carefully. The ingredients are synergistic to one another and find wide application in curing various body ailments like arthritis, sleep disorder, dandruff and much more. While choosing the therapeutic blend, a lot of precaution must be taken to select the right one having ingredients that do not adversely impact a person’s mental, physical or emotional health”.</p> <p>“For example, the right therapeutic blend for a pregnant lady with dandruff would be one that does not contain ‘rosemary’ essential oil. This essential oil is known to be harmful to the pregnant ladies. On the other hand, the ‘peanut’ carrier oil proves to be beneficial for arthritic patients and the cypress and peppermint therapeutic blends cure sleeping disorders and menstrual cramps. Aromaaz International sells the therapeutic massage blends to the end-users, retailers, and wholesalers. The buyers could order the customized blends online”, clarified the spokesperson.</p> <p>The company prepares the ‘exotic oil dilutions’ in a ‘controlled environment’ by making use of the stern quality measures to ensure potency and efficacy of the herbal products are preserved.</p> <p> </p>

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